Toronto Piano Storage

Piano storage in Toronto can be tricky due to humidity and temperature, and being two key factors in the life of the piano, it must be controlled at proper levels to Toronto Piano Storageensure proper aging of the wood, felt, and strings of the piano. Our facility is kept at one temperature level all year round. To provide extra protection, our storage area is far from outside walls and heat vents, or water sources of any kind. Warping and damage to hardwoods due to change in humidity and temperature under high string tension is certain to happen if your piano is being stored incorrectly. According to all modern piano manufacturer warranties, even in the home, pianos should be kept as far as possible from all sources that affect the change in temperature and humidity. We provide such a facility! We have over 100 pianos currently in our facility, some for a few weeks, some for several years. All pianos delivered after 1 year in our piano storage will receive a free tuning and assessment.