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Toronto piano movers come and go. Longevity is what counts.
20 years experience moving only pianos in Toronto and the GTA gives us a distinct advantage to please our valued customers. Our Toronto piano movers treat�each and every piano with the same care and respect, whether it's worth $50.00 or $50,000.00.

Our highly experienced piano moving�staff will safely and cost effectively move your prized possession in a professional and insured environment.

We have�assisted thousands of satisfied customers in the delicate�art of relocating their pianos, uprights and grands alike.

"After being in the Piano Moving business for 27 years, I've had the privelage of working for and getting to know the absolute best piano technicians in the city! It's because of these relationships I can bring you the best prices for any piano related service. From moving and tuning to a complete piano restoration, we have the resources to take care of any and all of your piano related needs. You will be satisfied, I guarantee it!"

Ken McNally (owner)

NEW at McNally`s

McNally's Toronto piano movers is now offering a high quality refinishing services for the convenience of its clients. We can refinish any wood in any color, pianos, dining room sets, dressers, desks, you name it!.

If you're in need of an affordable and professional refinishing service contac McNally Piano Movers for more info. Email Us.


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